I never met a business owner who said they didn’t want more success or profit. I’m a business strategist with a full career’s worth of experience ready to help your company get over the next wall based on my industry knowledge as a successful business owner.

I’m an industry expert because I spent my life building my business. I learned best practices and, most importantly, learned the processes necessary to become more profitable. Once I learned how to run my business and organize the chaos, I started to see the fruits of my labor, but it wasn’t easy.

Each time I focused my efforts on working smarter not harder, my work became more streamlined, and the company became more profitable.

The proof of my business success came in 2021 when I sold as a multimillion-dollar company. Dominate Ductless is how I’m sharing my knowledge and expertise with others in the industry. I want to help others harness the power of a business strategy and achieve success in Ductless HVAC just as I did.

There are a lot of trainers and consultants out there that give presentations on this subject but have little hands-on experience in the field. When you work with me, you’re not just getting a consultant or trainer with classroom experience, you’re getting a business owner, an HVAC expert, a person uniquely qualified to discuss distribution, contractors, products, technical HVAC, business processes, and business strategy. I’ve been giving presentations and keynote speaking engagements for industry professionals all over the United States for many years.


Mike is a frequent speaker, teacher, business consultant and workshop leader. You will find him at industry conferences and expos around the country where he shares his personal growth story, best ductless business practices, and systems to help other contractors who are ready to grow their ductless revenue.