Dominate Ductless Mike Cappuccio

Dominate Ductless

Dominate Ductless!

Empower Your Ductless Dealers with Mike's proven systems to dominate the ductless mini-split market in your area as the ductless market in the US explodes in the coming years.

Dealer Training     

Learn Mike Cappuccio's Systems

""If you're on the fence, get off and get to the workshop because you're leaving piles of money behind on every job. It will be enlightening in more ways than you can remember. Simple as that."

- Vince Eadon, Owner, DK Heating & Sons Inc., Cleveland, OH

Training at Your Place

I will come to your facility and empower your dealers to become the ductless mini-split authority in their service areas. I will conduct a one, two and three day training programs tailored to your group and designed to help your brightest ductless dealers get to the next level.

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Keynote Speaker

Mike Cappuccio is a popular speaker at conferences and industry expos where he talks about the business opportunity contractors have when they employ a systematized ductless mini-split sales, marketing and installation strategy. Bring Mike to your event.

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Get Mike Cappuccio's Proven Systems:

  • How to market and sell ductless mini-split systems
  • How to design and price ductless mini-split systems profitably
  • How to install ductless mini-split systems profitably
  • How to maximize the profitability of your ductless mini-split installation business
  • How to recruit and train ductless installers in 30 days