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A Proven System to
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My success is a story of systemization, process definition, and disciplined execution specifically around the unique features and benefits of ductless mini-split technology.

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Empower Your Audience

Let me share my experience, systems, and tools with your audience and you will send them back to the field with actionable takeaways and tools to help them sell more ductless mini-split systems on day one.

"Over several years, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in numerous ductless presentations around the country conducted by Mike Cappuccio. These sessions have included best practices, marketing, lead nurturing, understanding your overhead, market opportunities and much more. Each time I walk away with a list of new ideas and action items to implement.

Mike is a very passionate professional with years of experience running his own highly successful ductless contracting business, and he has a lot of great information to share. Because of his experience as a cutting edge ductless contractor, he’s highly relatable and does an excellent job of leading interactive sessions that engage his audience. This is why I’ve chosen to hire Mike Cappuccio to work with our Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating Diamond Contractors."

-- Dan Fitzpatrick, HVAC Division Manager – Meier Supply Co.Inc, Conklin, NY

Mike Cappuccio

Topics I Discuss

  • Marketing, Advertising, and Lead Generation
  • Sales and Sales Processes
  • Production and Efficiency
  • Inventory, Wharehouse, and Vehicles
  • Job Set-up, Scheduling, and Labor Management
  • Installation Standards
  • Job Site Management
  • New Construction

Bring Mike to Your Event

We have brought Mike into our territory a number of times to share his in-depth knowledge of how to set up a business around the profitable installation of ductless mini-split systems. Mike's whole business view has provided tremendous insights to our dealers on the benefits of such an approach even if they are just selling ductless mini-splits on an opportunistic basis. 

The majority of dealers who attended learned a lot of new approaches and ideas on how to launch their ductless mini-split installation business to be successful and profitable. 

If you have not attended any of Mike’s classes and are in the HVAC business, I strongly recommend you attend whether you are a contractor considering offering ductless mini-splits or you are a seasoned ductless pro – there is something in Mike's system for everyone."

- David Lamb, Ductless Product Manager, Peirce-Phelps, Inc., Philadelphia, PA