Ductless Mini-Split Training Seminar

This value-packed, 3-day seminar will teach you every process and step-by-step system I use to run my ductless mini-split installation company.

  • How to market and sell ductless mini-split systems
  • How to design and price ductless mini-split systems profitably
  • How to install ductless mini-split systems profitably
  • How to maximize the profitability of your ductless mini-split installation business
  • How to recruit and train ductless installers in 30 days

Walk away with 14 step-by-step manuals and over 20 of my operational business forms!

You will return home with a personalized blueprint to grow your ductless business when you get back:


  • Module 1: Marketing, Advertising, and Lead Generation
    • This module covers the basics of marketing, the many media outlets for marketing, ideas for advertising, and lead-generation techniques.
  • Module 2: Sales
    • This module provides techniques for increasing sales, including call handling, sales presentations, sales management, and customer satisfaction. It describes the sales cycle in detail, from the initial contact through to completing the installation and asking the satisfied customer for a referral.
    • Module 2 includes a Sales – Self-Assessment Workshop – This workbook provides you with a system to rate your performance in each step of your sales presentation. Each section briefly describes the essential activities of one step, presents a self-assessment form for you to rate yourself, and then describes some ways that you can improve your performance in key areas related to that step.
  • Module 3: Production and Efficiency Indicators
    • This module explores the relationship between profit, labor, and overhead. It describes several key indicators that help measure the productivity of your business.


  • Module 4: Inventory, Warehouse, and Vehicles
    • This module shows you how to set up an efficient warehouse and manage inventory to help you achieve quality installations, on-time delivery, and increased profits. It also describes how to get your fleet in order and maintain optimum stocking levels on your vehicles.
  • Module 5: Job Setup, Scheduling, and Labor Management
    • This module describes best practices for job setup, scheduling, and labor management that will help you maintain a smooth, profitable installation process.
  • Module 6: Installation Standards, Job-Site Management, and Post-completion
    • This module describes how to develop your installation manual to guide job-site management and how to conduct a post-completion evaluation of each job.
  • Module 7: Residential New Construction
    • This module covers the most important aspects of new construction, including market segments, sales, estimating, system design, and labor management.


People ask me why I offer THE INSTALLATION COURSE. We all know how to install ductless systems, right?  The truth is, we all do things a little differently based on where we learned and the tools and materials that are available to us. We all develop processes that suit the way we do things where we do them.

My installation course is designed to dovetail with the business systems you will learn over the first two days of this seminar.

Efficient, reliable installation practices begin with things like Inventory, Vehicle Set-Up, Job Set-Up, and Labor. Take a day to compare our installation process to yours and decide for yourself. If you think it’s worth sending your guys back to Boston for a day, or you have a big crew and would like me to come to your shop, let’s talk about it when you’re here.

  • Module 1: Company Values
    • I will show you how N.E.T.R., Inc.’s value system underpins everything we do.
  • Module 2: Preparation
    • Solid preparation is the key to the flawless execution of ductless mini-split installation. I’ll show you how we do it.
  • Module 3: Arrival at the Home
    • This is where a job can go sideways in a hurry without the proper training.
  • Module 4: Inside the Home
    • A Step-by-step guide to everything we do inside the home, including soft skills.
  • Module 5: Outside the Home
    • A step-by-step guide to everything we do outside the home.
  • Module 6: System Start-Up
    • Don’t fumble this key privileged moment with your customer. See how we’ve scripted this down to the last detail.
  • Module 7: Last Stretch to the Finish Line
    • Everything has gone perfectly up until now. Set your company apart again and delight your customer.